Starting Team We Care

Team We Care – Pavitarjeet Singh Sidhu, Gurleen Kaur, Arvinder Singh Kang, Jaskaran Singh Benipal, Jashandeep Singh Brar

Today on September 1, 2019 we have started a support group for students and newcomers that we envisioned was here when we arrived here in North America.

When one uproots a tree from a place and plants it in another place, it needs care and support system before it becomes strong enough to catch its own roots.

There has been influx of students in Canada, however hardly any organization exists that helps them with orientation and settlements, except the support system of their friends and college specific organizations which are few.

We are starting with two basic needs – accommodation and jobs. The organization is being run by volunteers and we will learn a lot along the way and revive and improve our processes along the way.

Wish us success in our endeavours.

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  1. I saw your website referred by a friend, very good initiative. When I came to Canada ( Winnipeg) in 2014, I noticed there is lack of help from cummunity compared to other cummunitys. I started fb pages and WhatsApp group but wasn’t able to maintain it, because was running it by myself. Assuming yours’ is a nonprofit organization, congratulate you guys as you have team working towards a common goal of helping cummunity. I will be adding myself in the list of volunteers, please let me know if I can be part of the mission in any other way. I am computer engineer with ~15 years of experience in IT.


    Bikramjit Sandhu
    System Engineer- Bell Canada

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